Modern Roundabouts - 9 July 2015, Bedford

One day technical conference and Turbo Roundabout site visit

29 May 2015 (provided by Landor LINKS), Category: Transportation Planning

Modern Roundabouts - 9 July 2015, Bedford

This event has a focus on technical details of modern roundabout design, in particular making them safer for pedestrians and cyclists while also handling vehicular traffic efficiency.

Featuring case study presentations from roundabouts either recently installed or in the design stage from around the UK and a roundup of European and global best practice. It will cover the technical design details, modelling and analysis of the results post construction.

The day will include presentations and opportunities for discussion and will close with a site visit to the newly installed, Turbo Roundabout, in Bedford which successfully handles over 25,000 vehicles a day. Originally seen by motorcyclists as potentially lethal, this controversial re-design has been successfully handling over 25,000 vehicles a day so far without incident.

If your job includes upgrading junctions and roundabouts this event is for you.

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10.30  Welcome by Chair


10.40  Global roundup of best practice in Roundabout Design

John Dales, Urban Movement and Chair of TPS

11.00  Implementing Dutch Style Roundabouts in Dublin

Michael Aherne, Head of Transport Development Division, National Transport Authority, Ireland (invited)

11.20  Dutch Style Roundabout test

Marcus Jones, TrL

 11.40  Q&A

12.00  Lunch


13.00  St. George's Circus – Wandsworth

Jason Wilton, TfL (invited)

 13.15  Double Dutch Roundabout in Crystal Palace

Matt Hill, Southwark

13.30  LCDS – Redesigning London's Roundabouts

Paul Lavelle (invited)

13.45  Q&A

14.00  Break

14.15  Cambridge – Radegund Rd compact roundabout

Alasdair Massie, Consultant, Peter Brett Associates

 14.30  Oxford – the Plain roundabout

Craig Rossington or Tony Kirkwood (invited)

14.45  Brighton – 7 dials continental style roundabout

Robin Reed, Mott MacDonald

15.00  Bedford turbo-roundabout

Patrick Lingwood, Bedford Borough Council

15.15  Q&A

15.30 - 17.00

Site visit to Turbo Roundabout

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