UK Road Safety Summit - Drink, Drugs and Mobile Phones

London, 18 Mar 2015

10 Feb 2015 (provided by Landor LINKS), Category: Transportation Planning

UK Road Safety Summit - Drink, Drugs and Mobile Phones

Drink-driving kills over 250 people each year in the UK and drug-driving casualties are probably much higher than official estimates. Meanwhile concerns are growing over the increase in distractions for drivers and other road users. Mobile phones are the most obvious but not the only problem.

In March 2015 major new legislation to counter drug-driving will come into effect across Great Britain. Drink-drive legislation is also being tightened: legal loopholes are being closed and in Scotland the breath-test limit was lowered. The Home Office has already type approved the first drug screener and are testing evidential breath-test equipment for use at the roadside by police.

Concerns are also growing over the increase in driver distractions; the Government has talked about increasing the penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

This summit will be part of the Government’s launch of its new road safety legislation, bringing together politicians, civil servants, police, equipment providers, safety marketing and other key stakeholders.


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