Integrated Transport Planning Ltd

Integrated Transport Planning Ltd (ITP) is a dynamic consultancy specialising in integrated, sustainable transport planning and research. Formed in 1998, we employ dedicated transport professionals with a broad range of technical and social skills. Our skill base ensures that we are equipped to tackle problems in a holistic manner, taking full account of people’s lifestyle and travel needs and of environmental issues.

We have a varied and impressive client base drawn from both the public and private sector. This includes national government departments, the European Commission, international funding agencies such as the World Bank, transport operators, regeneration agencies, local authorities, PTEs and integrated transport authorities.

Our services cover a broad spectrum of activities ranging from working with stakeholders and members of the public to identify transport issues and needs, through the process of developing and appraising strategies and plans, to implementation and evaluation of sustainable transport measures. A key part of our philosophy is to work in partnership with, and not just for, our clients.

We work in a number of specialist technical areas, including:

• Sustainable Transport Strategies
• Smarter Choices
• Travel Plans
• Car Sharing and Car Clubs
• Charging and Access Control
• Personal Travel Planning
• Public Transport Planning
• Bus Rapid Transit
• Concessionary Travel
• Accessibility Planning
• Rural Transport
• Mobility for Disabled People
• Market and Social Research
• Consultation
• Sustainable Development Planning
• Transport Planning for Holiday Parks