What is a 1id?1id : Your 1 email address and password can login to any of Local Transport Today's 1id enabled sites

When you subscribe to Jobs-in-Transport.com to get customised job alerts or apply for a job, you receive a 1id username and password.
This email address and password can login to any website that displays the 1id logo.

Jobs-in-Transport.com and Jobs-in-Rail.co.uk users can login and apply for jobs on either site. The 1id initiative will roll-out across Transit Magazine and Local Transport Today magazines in October 2008.

What's the difference between the black and white 1ids?

White Jobseeker/subscriber 1id White 1ids enable you to apply for jobs, customise job email alerts, and (in October 2008) access restricted content on key transport editorial sites and set up news alerts.
Black 1id for employers and advertisers Black 1ids are issued to advertisers and employers who post jobs, banners or profiles with this site.

These grant access to banner click-through rates, job views and applicants CV's.  Don't forget, 1id: all sites.  You can login to check your advertisements success on any site displaying the 1id badge.

Advertisers demo

This short video explains how to track your success with Jobs-in-Transport.com...