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It can be frustrating, applying for a new position and wondering how your application is progressing...

Why haven't I heard anything?

...find out, with

When you apply via our site, you will receive an application receipt, with details of the position and the date you applied.  Then in our unique 'View Applications' section, you can keep track of your progress...  If you haven't heard anything, it may be because the employer has not begun looking through the applications yet... 

Check, with 'View Applications'.

If your CV tracker indicates that the employer has read your CV, and you still haven't heard, use our 'Private Messaging' feature to find out why.  Your message is automatically dispatched to the person dealing with the applications...

I haven't heard anything, but I don't want to chase them or put them off....


Send a 'Private Message' to the employer anonomously.  Ask them 'generally' how it's going and if the candidates have been called to interview yet. 
It really is the best way  to find out, follow up, and take control of your application.

What will employers do with my CV if I don't get the job?

Each time you apply, your CV is stored by the employer, and updated whenever you add, or remove information.  You can reword things, or update your info, even after you apply, and the employers copy is updated automatically.

Got a new qualification? More experience? 

Tell the company you want to work for:  automatically!

Don't want to be contacted?  Simply specify 'Happy where I am' in your 'CV edit' and all the employers who you have sent your CV to will have their copy changed to reflect your new status.

Please be careful to check how employers wish to receive applications, some employers do not yet accept online applications.  If you do not access for 6 months or more, your CV will be automatically updated to say 'Happy where I am'.