Online CV : Build an up-to-database

Allowing jobseekers to apply online via this site gives you a fantastic opportunity to build up a portfolio of candidates CV's.

How do I build up my CV database?


Every applicants CV is filed in 'Applicants CV's'.  The most recent at the top.  Every applicant for every position you advertise is added to this list, giving you a really useful stockpile of CV's that never go out of date.

Every transport employer qualifies for this service, simply state that you are happy to receive aplications via email, and we'll do the rest for you.

How accurate is this information?

Every time a candidate updates their records, gains new qualifications or moves home, your copy of their CV will be kept updated.

By allowing applications via email, you can keep track of the number of views your vacancy achieves, and you can read the covering letter and CV of applicants as soon as they submit them.  A great way to monitor the sucess of your recruitment campaigns.

Can I access CV's without posting jobs?


The feedback we have received from candidates says they want to decide which employers have their CV. 

The best thing about this approach: The CV's you collect from your posted vacancies are all transport professionals who really want to work for your organisation, not 'anywhere'.

Candidates decide when they register, how 'visible' they are to to recruiters.  Once they have found a job, they may update their details to 'happy where I am' but they may remove your link to their CV altogether.

Candidates who have not used the site for 6 months are automatically updated to state "Happy where I am"

We would remind employers that does not seek to verify the information contained within CV’s which is supplied by jobseekers and graduates.