At Jobs-in-Transport.com we are commited to serving both our jobseekers and employers.  At the end of 2006 we asked our registered users what their experiences were like using Jobs-in-Transport.com. Here are their stories...

Transport Planning Officer
George Callaghan
17 Sep 2007
"I am a Transport Planning Officer, specialising in Cycling, with Falkirk Council. I took up this post in Feb 2007. I'm in at the sharp end of putting together the "holy triumvirate" of infrastructure, promotion and training for...
Deborah Corrie
6 Feb 2007
“I am graduating in July 2007 with a Geography MA degree.  Jobs-in-Transport.com was very helpful and provided me with up-to-date opportunities suitable for someone of my experience.  The site is an excellent way of enlightening...
Acting Director - Transport and Environment
Matthew Mace
21 Dec 2006 (provided by Central London Partnership)
“Here at CLP we try to be at the cutting edge, and it’s very hard to find good people. We placed our two vacancies with a recruitment agency as well as Jobs-in-Transport.com.  We got 8 applicants from JiT and 2 from the...
Operations Manager
Douglas Robertson
16 Dec 2006 (provided by Preston Bus Ltd.)
“ By the time the trade mags had made their way around the office, the closing date had passed. So without seeing it on [Jobs-in-Transport.com,] I would never have ended up living and working in a different country.  I am really enjoying...
Public Transport Information Assistant
John Hammond
1 Dec 2006 (provided by Oxfordshire County Council)
“ I have been a member of Jobs-in-Transport.com since it first started up. I like the instant speed I can find out about [job opportunities.] This offers a good time advantage, over waiting for a printed publication to be circulated around the...
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