Matthew Mace

Acting Director - Transport and Environment

21 Dec 2006 (provided by Central London Partnership)

Matthew Mace

“Here at CLP we try to be at the cutting edge, and it’s very hard to find good people. We placed our two vacancies with a recruitment agency as well as Jobs-in-Transport.com.  We got 8 applicants from JiT and 2 from the agency.  The quality of the 8 from JiT were great.  We hired both of our new colleagues from Jobs-in-Transport.com.“

Central London Partnership (CLP) is focused solely on the needs of the heart of the capital.  From establishing new ways of managing central London's streets to lobbying for greater investment in the area, CLP tackles a wide variety of complex issues at both strategic and grass roots levels to preserve London's competitiveness and enhance quality of life across the city.

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