Have you found your new Jobs-in-Transport yet?

We want to hear your story!

29 May 2007

Have you found your new Jobs-in-Transport yet?

By now, you're likely to have seen our "We got Jobs-in-Transport.com" adverts in the transport press: Buses magazine, LTT, ATCO News, Transit etc. In fact, you may have discovered Jobs-in-Transport.com thanks to the campaign.

Deborah Corrie, Douglas Robertson and John Hammond found their jobs through Jobs-in-Transport.com, but they are just a small selection of the success stories out there.

We want to hear your story...

Are you still looking for a job?
Had that first interview yet?
Or are you just reading this after you've started at your new office?

We want to know what your doing now, and what you enjoy the most about your new job...

To take part:

Let us know what you think about your new employer, send us a 4 Megapixel (or above) photo of yourself, and we'll publish your story in the leading transport press.

Send your story to [email protected]. Our postal address is available here.

We'd love to hear from you.

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