Intelligent City Mobility

12 November 2015 - Kia Oval, London

1 Oct 2015 (provided by Landor LINKS), Category: Parking

Intelligent City Mobility

Welcome to Intelligent City Mobility

The Intelligent City Mobility event provides transport, urban design, intelligent mobility, city management, parking, smarter travel and automotive professionals with a forum in which to explore and discuss how integrated urban mobility is evolving. We have a once in generation opportunity to transform our cities.

Intelligent Transport Systems, journey planning and parking apps, in-car navigation systems, shared cars, cycle hire schemes, driver-assisted and autonomous vehicles are all manifestations of the world of ‘Intelligent Mobility’. This event will look at how cities in the UK and abroad are redefining their relationship with the car for the better.

The opening plenary will be followed by three conference strands: 
The Car & The City | Parking WorldSpace & Place

Promoting new models of urban mobility is essential if we hope to deal with the issues of congestion, road safety and air quality that affect our cities. Car clubs, car rental and other forms of pay-as-you-go motoring are evolving at a rapid pace. The BVRLA will support this development by ensuring that operators are treated fairly by policy makers and get all the support they need to serve their growing customer base
Gerry Keaney, BVRLA Chief Executive

Transport is the second largest consumer market, and Finland is becoming a traffic lab for the new urban era. Its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project means buying mobility services based on consumer needs, and not the means of mobility. The new service combines mass transport, demand-based traffic and private vehicles
Sampo Hietanen, CEO of ITS Finland, and Chairman of MaaS, Helsinki


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